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Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Trails, Bird and Animal Observation, and Outdoor Recreation.

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2534 Racine Ave.

New London, Ia 52645

Don Panek Ph: 319-470-6965 Arlan Bangs 39-759-0863




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Membership is filling fast and we only allow 250 Members.

There are more Campsites being added and opening up.

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About Us

The CB&Q Railroad leased land to local residents for a country club and a golf course on September 20, 1915. A clubhouse was built the same year and a forty-acre lake was stocked with thirty thousand fingerlings. A "bathing beach" was constructed the following year. We're proud of our Club Heritage. The clubhouse, pretty much remains the same as when it was first put there. The Bath House no longer exists. There is a sandy beach along the the shore line, not to far from the Clubhouse. There are boats for members to use and Life Jackets available.

We are a Private Club, non-profit organization, with a Limited amount of members allowed. Family Friendly Club, with Fishing, Camping, Trails and Outdoor Recreation.

Your application pending, we can do background checks on members. All Applications are Boards descertion.

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2534 Racine Avenue, New London, Ia 52645 | 319-457-1376

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